ACG Photography: Blog en-us (C) ACG Photography (ACG Photography) Wed, 26 Oct 2022 18:56:00 GMT Wed, 26 Oct 2022 18:56:00 GMT ACG Photography: Blog 120 80 Holloway Family Session Baby Elias is turning one!! And the Holloway family wanted to capture this beautiful milestone. The sun had the perfect glow for this sunset evening session. Here are a few of my favorite photos from their gallery.

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Ben + Staysia The rain cleared in just enough time to celebrate the wedding of Ben and Staysia. This day was fille with so many special moments. One of my favorite moments was getting to capture Ben's request to have his grandfather's bible photographed. His grandfather passed years ago. I loved how they wanted to include such a special moment and memory of him to carry along through the day.

Their first look gave them time to take in the moment with just the two of them, sharing happy tears kisses and hugs. Staysia and Ben decided to recite their own vows. The flood of warm tears filled the room as the ambiance of loved passed through the air. Their reception continued the love over a guitar cake, a replica of his love for music, dancing, and lots of fun. The night ended with sparklers and cheerful celebration of the new couple. 

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Say it isn't so!! |Senior Year Guess who has a senior, thats right MEeee!! I can't believe my baby girl is all grown up. Imaria is my first born, and with that comes along many new emotions and feelings. I for one will honestly say, this year is bitter sweet. It seems the school year is flying by. And although I am trying to absorb every second, its almost feels impossible. I am happy about the new journey she will soon begin. I am also sad, she's leaving the nest to fly. Although she will be home for summer vacations, holidays, and MOST weekends. It's still not the same. I won't be able to just walk in her room, kiss her goodnight or tell some funny story. Our digital world will be more vital now than ever. I will reply on the great service of AT&T and prayer that the reception never fails. I am slowly mentally preparing myself for what is soon to come. And I am in search to sample the best waterproof mascara on the market. Que the waterworks maestro. I'm not ready for this but I am also very excited for this new chapter. My sweet girl is a Class of 2023 Graduate. Take a look at some of her Senior photos we've taken.


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Miyonna + Brandon | Engagement Session Miyonna and Brandon had the sweetest engagement session. This lovely couple will be one of my Fall Weddings. I can't wait to see the beautiful wine, and rose gold colored decorations. This engagement session was held in Meridian, MS. Brandon and Miyonna went with a very classy timeless attire for their photos. I can't wait to celebrate with them.

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Warren Maternity The Warren Family had the perfect fall maternity session. The weather was nice and cool, the beautiful fall colors made a perfect backdrop for this session. 

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Springing Forward with all smiles! Who’s ready to SPRING FORWARD!! Ok let me be honest, I’m not a big fan of winter (after the holidays). In fact I’ve read several articles that many people experience the winter blues. Of course I find ways to push through and keep myself going. But I will have to admit, I welcome the Spring Season with open arms 🤗 

Spring is a symbol of new beginnings, beautiful flowers, nice weather, longer daylight (which is what I love as a photographer). I can go on and on about what I love during this season. 

I’m truly excited about all the beautiful families that I will get to capture. Especially when you get to experience a fun session like the Crawford’s. They were absolutely precious. ❤️❤️


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My Valentine Valentine's Day is finally here and oh my was it worth the wait. I enjoyed feeling the warm blanket of love in the air on this brisk day. The scuffling to find that perfect gift to say I love you. All the beautiful shades of Red displayed everywhere you look. This is definitely one of my favorite holidays. 

I spent the day with my kiddos. My hubby is away work (oilfield life) but none the less we had a blast. I had dinner with my boys and my daughter went on her first "real date" how exciting! It was all so so fun. The evening was spent eating chocolate covered strawberries and watching movies. What a perfect end to a sweet day. 

I hope your day was amazing, and that you enjoyed every moment of it. Prayers and Blessings for you all.



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Keiydon is 6!! Happy 6th Birthday to my little sweetie! My great nephew has gotten so big. He's a smart little wiz kid. And quite inquisitive (lol) but that's what makes him special. I know one day he will grow up and have such a strong and positive impact in the world. 

This weekend he got to celebrate with family and friends, for a birthday sleepover. They danced, and played all night. Then a fun Spider-man photo shoot with me! It was so much fun. Happy Birthday little guy!  Happy Birthday KJ!! Keiydon turns 6!! Happy Birthday KJ!! Keiydon turns 6!! Happy Birthday KJ!! Keiydon turns 6!! Happy Birthday KJ!! Keiydon turns 6!! Happy Birthday KJ!! Keiydon turns 6!!

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Hey You!! A few of you I’ve had the privilege of connecting with directly, welcoming you to my Page. I want to take this time and welcome each and everyone one of you. I thank you both new and existing followers for tagging along. ❤️

But for those of you who have no clue who I am, Hi my name is Ashley. I’m a Family and Wedding Photographer located in Mississippi, (Philadelphia) to be exact. 
I’m a wife and mom of 4. Three boys and one girl. Life for me is pretty busy. Between sports and activities for my kiddos, family time, and the love I have for photography there really isn’t a lot of down time. 
I have been a photographer for a couple years now. And I love every second of it.

If you have any questions or would like to set up a session feel free to reach out. 
I hope to work with you in the near future. ❤️



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Newborn Sessions I love being given the opportunity to capture the precious sweet little faces of newborns. The pure sweetness of their little faces warms my heart. Just recently I had a chance to take photos of a sweet baby boy. Take a moment and look at the cutest photography favs that I've selected. 

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Mr. and Mrs Carter Over the weekend I had the opportunity to witness and capture the beautiful nuptials exchanged between William and Crystal. Weddings are so beautiful and I truly enjoy seeing all the happy faces, smiles, and laughs during the celebration. Draped in the colors of Ivory, Red, and Gold fancy attire was gorgeous. 

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Hello There Friend! Hello! Thank you for taking the time to come visit my blog. My name is Ashley Greer, I’m a Family, Wedding, and Event Photographer. I’m from a small town named not PA-(Mississippi). Yep, there is a Philadelphia,MS. Many people didn’t even know that, HA! 😊 I’m the wife to my handsome high school sweetheart name Allen. We have four children Imaria (13), Kaisen (10), Chrystan(9) and Chandler (2).

I started my photography company in 2017. And it has been a true delight and joy! There are days when I think to myself, am I good enough, can I do this, is this really for me? And the answer I always come back to is Yes, Yes, and Absolutely Yes! My passion and love for this profession keeps me pressing forward. 📸

I often get asked the question, “Hey Ashley, how/why did you become a photographer?” And my general answer is simply because I love it! But today I choose to give you a more detailed response. As a child I remembered my mom always taking photos and keeping hundreds of them. I mean every trip or event we would either have a Polaroid or one of those yellow disposable cameras. Geesh! Those were the days. Anyways, always being able to document and reflect on special memories of your loved one or an event always brought a warm feeling and smile to my face. I remembered how it made me feel to say “OMG I’m so happy we have this photo” or  “oh my! Look at us when we were here”. Photos and sweet memories of loved ones that we cherish forever. The joy of photography and simply becoming part of someone’s life, weather you realize it or not, you do. As a photographer I know that my gift of art and style has touched someone in some way. Recently I had a previous client who lost a loved one. When asked for help on finding images, although I was sad I also had the feeling of warm comfort. Knowing that I was able to capture a special moment with that person for them. To reflect and cherish forever. Touching lives one Click at a time. Capturing growth milestones, weddings, birthdays or just fun photos, it’s all what I love. 😍

Maybe someday I’ll have the privilege of working with you! 



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Spring Time Is Finally Here! Hey Spring is that you??


OMG Spring is finally here. And although today doesn't officially mark the first day of Spring, I'm claiming it done already. I mean we have all the signs right? My car is filled with yellow pollen and my eyes are watery red, But that's ok, I'll take it over the shivering cold weather any day! 

Now that I've got the Spring Fever back its the time of year for Spring Mini Sessions, Easter fun, staying outside longer hours of the day, and enjoying the weather. I personally "love" this time of year. Just wanted to hop on and give Spring an official welcome and I can't wait to share what this season has in store. 

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My Kiddos At the beginning of this year, I decided to not make a new year resolution, but make some changes that I will stick with. And one of those things were to share more photos of my little ones. I am a family photographer. And so many times I find myself take pictures of my babies and I very seldomly got to really share. Well recently that changed a bit. My babies decided they wanted to do a little baking. And of course I felt like it was the perfect time to take a few photos. 🥰


I forgot to post the final results of the cupcake baking. They were all eaten before I realized it 🧁😂

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My Missing Post Almost a year ago I wrote this post on (March 8, 2018) but never did. It’s so wonderful how I can look back at my progress and reflect on the feeling of excitement and joy that photography has brought me. And honestly, I still feel the same. In fact I’m even more confident of myself and my ability to really capture beautiful memories and moments in life.

I can’t say everyday has been perfect because it hasn’t. In fact if I want to really be raw and honest, I’ve wanted to quit so many times from frustration with myself or the overwhelming feeling of what growing a business can bring. That’s “my truth” and others may feel differently. But I will say it’s oh so rewarding and reviving when you meet a client or have someone to send an inquiry on your work. See your passion, and want to talk if just but 2 minutes and speak wth “YOU”. I love it! Thank you all for suooorting me through this journey. 2019 I’m ready!! 🎉❤️📸



(Flashback) Here is the post I was supposed to have submitted to my blog last year. March 8, 2018 ☺️

It's been a whole year!!!! Wow! Today marks the 1yr anniversary that I made the announcement of starting ACG Photography! It's been an awesome ride!! I've learned alot, made changes, tried to improve, but most of all I haven't given up. I know I have a long way to go. But with each year, each month, each day, each session I pray to learn more and improve. Growing a business you have alot of doubt. Sometimes from others and then sometimes you question yourself. I'm thankful for my clients and supporters who have encouraged me to keep going! I'm trying to grow as a business woman, professionalism, skills, and as a great photographer. I'm very Thankful for each of you that has put trust in me to capture your special moments. I can't say thank you enough!! Happy Anniversary to ACG Photography📸❤🖤

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2018-Off to a great start!! Wow! I've been pretty busy so far this year. I've enjoyed every moment of it. I've gained new clients and I thank each of you. So far 2018 is off to a great start. Trying to grow a business can be challenging and it's lots of hard work. 

Just recently I was given the opportunity to capture the love of two wonderful people pledging their forever "I Do" to each other. The wedding was beautiful and elegant. It took place in our home town of Philadelphia,MS. The bride wore a beautful white gown, trimed in lace. And the grown came out in a style of his own. A Gold and Black blazer with the shoes and accessories to match. They both looked beautiful. I enjoyed every moment of it. 

Many more sessions to come. This weekend I will be doing senior portraits for a sweet young lady. I can't wait!! The excitement of it all its hard to contain. Photography brings me joy!! It's my Happy Place!! 



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Holiday Cheer!!!! I'm so excited the holiday season of Thanksgiving and Christmas are only weeks away. This year I get to enjoy time with my family, making crafts with my kids, cooking, and relaxing. I can't wait to get started taking some awesome Christmas portraits of my clients. Capturing their beautiful families with a cheerful holiday smile. As they say "It's the most wonderful time of the year"! Wishing you all the very best Holiday Season! 

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Wedding Bells On this past Saturday, I was given the opportunity to capture the beauty of a couple celebrating 30 wonderful years of marriage. They were so beautiful and looked like two people falling in love for the first time all over again. But indeed we all know 30 years has more of a story to tell with the Sparkle in her eyes or the smile he shares with the world upon his face. Oh yes in deed, 30 years has many days of hard work, praying, making a vow to work through whatever life throws your way, but most of all it shows the true glory of God who has kept them together. Her words were "Marriage is Honorable". She counted down the days to this very moment. 

Marriage is Honorable, that's what I kept saying to myself as I  captured each and every single frame shot of the tears of joy and smiles of happiness. Marriage is Honorable is what kept going through my mind as I caught a glimpse of their closest friends and family deepy engaged in the renewal of Holy Matrimony. 

Yes this was truly a wedding celebration for many reasons. For all the days and nights that God have allowed these two high school sweethearts to wake up next to each other, or get butterflies and giggles as they share a date night, or greet each other from a long day at work. A celebration for their first born who has now taken the torch in her own direction, keeping God first as she was taught to do as a young child. Becoming a mom and wife, sharing the beauty of marriage and love as she was instilled and saw an example of by her parents. A celebration for their son whom God has kept his hands on to help guide each and every day. Finding his own way to success in life, with the values of being a strong God fearing man as his father has taught him. Blessing they have prayed over their family in which they can see happening right before their eyes.

Marriage is Honorable....

So as the song plays "Say Yes- Shekinah Glory" I watch, their eyes lock in, he smiles as his son walks her down the aisle. The moment was absolutely beautiful. I fought back my own tears "trying to maintain my professionalism," LOL! This was the day! The day they both so happily vow to each other together, forever.

He spoke to her from his heart, reaffirming the love he has for her. The love he has had, as he states "from day one, that No One can come between". 

The beautiful Ruby ring sparkled with his smile as he placed it on her finger. And his ring circled with a strong Gold Love, the same strong love he will share with her forever. I once heard, a ring is formed in a shape of a circle, representing the unbroken promise of love. There is no ending and no beginning, the love just continues.

I was nervous, all week I played over and over in my mind of things I needed to do all week. I wanted to make their day as perfect as possible. All week leading up to the big day I prayed to God to allow me to capture the beauty of love they share. 

This past Saturday was a day to remember. 


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The Beginning!! Wow! I've finally took things to another level for my company. I'm so excited yet still nervous about the journey ahead. Today my website is now open to the world  (www). I pray that things go well and my hope and dreams become a reality. Of course I'm nervous, afraid, completely lost trying to figure this all out. But with time, practice, and prayers it will all work. I look forward to reading this message years from now. And hope my raw honesty of the roller coaster called "emotions" don't hold me back. Today is part of my "Beginning" 




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